Stamina B 69 kit

Capsules -Stamina B 69 kit capsules are considered as the one true natural solution for all your energy concerns.

You get 30 powerful capsules of 500mcg each that are tailor made to provide amazing energy and strength.
Uniquely made with the goodness of Indian Ayurveda and traditional Herbs these capsules are proven to improve stamina & testosterone levels by 80%.

Powders -stamina B 69 kit Sexual Powder Supplement is meant to promote sexual function of men It is full of natural anti-oxidant, herbs and minerals that are needed to maintain wellness of the body as well as improve Libido, boost fertility, increase stamina and endurance. Its. Also helps to increase testosterone levels naturally and to cope up emotional stress and fatigue.

Oil – Stamina B 69 kit, sexual oil increases the erection of penis by enhancing muscular strength. Regular uses of it with conjunction of Hammer of joy granules nourish mind and body with intense erection, longer hardness and sex drive satisfaction.

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What is the science behind Stamina B 69 kit?

Tongkat Ali 200mg

An imported medicinal herb from Malaysia this has been proven in studies to serve as a natural alternative for stamina.

Goat Weed 100mg

This imported medicinal herb makes you go hard as it ensures sufficient blood flow to your manhood.

Shilajith 500mg

In one study conducted, men taking Shilajith 250mg found an increase of 20% in testosterone levels after 90 days.

Ashwagandha 200mg

Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb that helps in reducing stress, anxiety and improves overall well being.

How to use

  • Stamina B 69 Capsules: – Take 1 capsule daily at night with Luke warm water or milk after meals.
  • Stamina b 69 powder: – Take 1 tsp powder daily at morning with Luke warm water or milk after breakfast.
  • Stamina b 69 Oil: – Take 2-3 Drop oil massage on penis for 1 minute before doing sex.